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  • Preparation of new wills

  • Modification of existing wills

  • Advanced directives

  • Trusts and all other forms of Estate Planning for both large and small estates

  • Determining whether probate is necessary

  • Probating both large and small estates

  • Probating estates with Wills as well as those without

  • Helping the Personal Representative comply with all requirements

  • Representing Personal Representatives in Litigation as well as Beneficiaries

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Tax laws are continuously changing so it’s important to have a current estate plan in place that will allow you to achieve the maximum benefits available. 

Our firm can work closely with you in planning your estate so that your assets will be distributed as you desire. Whether you’d prefer to have a will, trust or some more creative form of estate plan, we can help.

When a person dies, that person’s estate may have to be probated. That is, the deceased’s assets must be distributed in accordance with the law. Whether a person who died has a will, trust or no documentation, the law requires their property be disbursed in accordance with certain rules, and we can assist with this process.

For many people, thinking about what will happen to their assets after they die is difficult since no one likes to think about their mortality. Unfortunately, death is a reality and if you fail to have a well drafted estate plan, your assets may not be distributed in accordance with your wishes.​

Estate Planning