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Civil Litigation

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  • Property Damage

  • Neighbor Disputes

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Furthermore, our facilities are ideal for conflict resolution. Equipped with polygons as well as having two separate bargaining rooms we are able to house and provide an ideal environment to have mediations, settlement conferences, depositions. Communication setups such as Wi-Fi and video also available on site for any issues having the need of an internet connection or visual media.  

So if you want help finding a resolution call us and we will help set up your conflict resolution today.

While, The DuBoff Law Group, was established on

January 1, 2014, its attorneys have been practicing law for many years. The firm prides itself on its ability to effectively assist its clients in all forms of civil litigation. The litigators have over thirty years of experience and they know how to adequately communicate with both their clients and opposing parties. Recognizing that litigation is both costly and stressful, The DuBoff Law Group attorneys try their best to avoid litigation whenever possible; though, they are prepared to take a case all the way through judgment and appeal when appropriate. This firms lawyers believe that the client’s interests are first and our attorneys go out of their way to implement this belief.

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Conflict Resolution 
Conflict Resolution is the art of reaching a compromise. Our firm has mediated and successfully resolved heated conflicts for the entirety of our existence. We take great solace in the fact that resolutions from seemingly impossibly gridlocked situation is often the best course of action. Legal fees are exorbitantly expensive and trial is no guarantee of any satisfaction from either party.  

If you are a firm and want to seek out our lawyers we will happily mediate and settle cases and will make sure that each side has an equal shared voice.  

The Duboff Law Group has successfully resolved numerous conflicts both inside
and outside of the courtroom.

Conflict resolution and Litigation